Keep Smiling Dental......You're the best! Why? Lets start with the short list. YOU saved my husbands life. How? By taking his blood pressure before his root canal and got him to the medical center pronto. How's that for starters! You diagnosed me needing a hard night guard and explained the long term benefits. Most dentists would rather you spend the money on the damage that comes from grinding and clinching your teeth. You not only saved my teeth but explained the relationship between having a bad bite, grinding and periodontal disease. Much of my guilt has been allayed. Lastly, through comparing Dental Insurance plans for potential procedures, I learned from the PROVIDERS how affordable your costs are for all services you perform...WOW did I get lucky! I cant say enough about your work, prices and professionalism. I am not an easy patient...please accept this recommendation for all the years you have put up with me as your patient!

Pat Huston

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